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Carrie Hamm

Words are magic.

I’ve been copywriting for more than five years, and writing professionally for ten. My background is in words, yes, but also in design, styling and strategy. I specialize in telling a proper brand story, from ad copy to scriptwriting to creating larger conceptual themes. I've found that well-written copy backed by strong concepts is the only way to go--one without the other falls flat--so I bring both to my work. Below is a quick glance at me, including a few of my favorite music moments and recent books I've read and loved, plus answers to the Proust Questionnaire which I regularly give myself. For more writing samples, check out my previous portfolio.



born a crime, trevor noah | americanah, chimamanda ngozi adichie | all the light we cannot see, anthony doerr | the secret history, donna tartt | shrill, lindy west | a game of thrones, george rr martin | how to be a person in the world, heather havrilesky | letters to a young poet, rainer maria rilke | 1984, george orwell | a handmaid's tale, margaret atwood | all harry potter books, jk rowling



sigur rós, nighttime sasquatch 2013 | emancipator, sunrise burning man 2011 | the xx, sunset sasquatch 2013 | sex and cigarettes, doug fir portland 2017 | tokimonsta, what the festival 2015 | kendrick lamar, sasquatch 2015 | bob moses, doug fir portland 2015 | tame impala, portland waterfront 2016 | coco rosie, midday oregon eclipse 2017 | amir obè, none of the clocks work, headphones



What is your idea of perfect happiness? A friend-filled forest. Your idea of misery? To have been born into a family of non-readers. Favorite writers? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Margret Atwood, J.K. Rowling, David James Duncan, my grandmother Anita Hamm, Matt Taibbi for providing the resistance with truth. The habit do you most deplore in others? Interrupting, especially during an important or sentimental story. The trait you most deplore in yourself? Sentimentality. Who is your hero of fiction? Hermione Granger. Who are your heroes in real life? My parents; the Obamas. What is it that you most dislike? Deforestation; unsolicited mail. Current state of mind? Thankful.