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Carrie Hamm

Brand building through concept design and copywriting.

Concept design comes from the place where dreaming and magic making meet. For the less esoteric, it’s the art of creating beautiful--and meaningful--experiences. through language and design. Words, images, ideas and design meet the human and a relationship is born.


Sahlia Jewelry


// copyWRITER

Campaign strategist




Sahlia Jewelry is a study in organic shapes, mixed metals and breezy, cool-girl vibes. Working closely with the owner and designer, I led the company on branding and storytelling projects, paying special attention to the interaction between design and language. Using a dreamy tone and aesthetic, we told the story of Sahlia Jewelry in digital spaces, as well as in-person experiences like music festivals and design fairs. Below is a snapshot of what I helped create.



Website redesign and rewrite // brand tone refresh // ongoing creative work // campaign strategy and creation



Keeping with the brand’s visual philosophy of easy beauty and understated simplicity, we kept the Sahlia Jewelry webpage bright, spare and easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.04.48 AM.png



When writing the website copy, I kept the tone relaxed, a little magical and rounded out with technical metalwork details:

CRESCENT MOON HOOP: A variation of the beloved hoop earring, these beauties are inspired by the upward-crescent shape of the moon as seen from the tropics. All hand-formed, a sterling-silver hoop frames the rose-gold or white-bronze plate. 

Crescent Moon Hoop.png


To launch a collection of oxidized cuffs, chains and assorted jewels, we collaborated with blogger Alison Wu to create an Instagram-ready photo story for the brand. Alison and I worked together on the concept, art direction, photography and styling, while she co-starred alongside the jewels. 

Sahlia Social.png




+1 Concept



// concept designer

copywriter //



I worked with Nike Talent Attraction to design a new brand voice, laying the foundation for a more personal, conversational tone. In addition to helping shape how Nike TA will communicate with talent in the future and editing global content, I was asked to imagine an entirely new talent platform. This concept site is a sketch of that experiment.



Nike+1 takes the NikePlus concept one step further, inviting users to connect to the brand, maybe even becoming the next addition to the Swoosh family.

The site is broken down into three main sections: Nike Stories, a digital magazine with editorial storytelling seen through a talent attraction lens; Job Shop, an e-commerce-style career center complete with a shopping cart and check out for efficient applying; and Customize Career, a crisp super-UX tool worthy of the finest startup, designed to help sort and guide candidates by skills, location and goals. 



Millions of athletes, sneaker fans and aspiring Nike fam search for news on the brand every day. So, why not create a digital space devoted to telling these stories? Using Bella Hadid’s Cortez campaign as an example cover story, I introduce the magazine concept. Nike Stories break out into three main categories: Brand, Culture and People. These cover everything from the latest launch to campus life to interviews with the people who make Nike tick.


job shop

On this page, candidates can browse through jobs or filter by function, title and location. They can then add jobs and internships to their cart and when ready, can apply in-app or through the Nike+1 site using their candidate profile.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.46.47 AM.png


This page contains an interactive step-by-step tool to help every level of job candidate find the job that's right for them, plus a path to their future dream job at Nike.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.48.52 AM.png



On Brand Studio


// Founder

Concept Designer

Art Director

Copywriter //



A surprising number of health and beauty brands have outdated branding with hard-to-navigate websites and cluttered, messy (and frankly, ugly) emails and social media accounts full of bland stock photos and...well you get the point. I created a branding studio to help companies bring their marketing up to a level that better reflects their high aesthetics standards. 

On Brand