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They found they were losing top talent to the Silicon Valley tech giants, and needed a digital refresh. I was hired to design a new brand voice for Nike Talent Attraction, shaping the way the brand will communicate and connect with global candidates in the future. I




Innovation and design are closely linked at Nike, Inc. Our legacy is built on solving problems through invention and reinvention. Our secret? Forget the quick solve. We resist temporary fixes and incremental changes, instead opting for large, intentional change. To truly solve a problem – be it athletic or aesthetic, or something as essential as the health of the planet – it is our habit to deconstruct the product and the process, reduce to the fundamentals, then rebuild it better than before.




Curiosity is essential to Nike’s magic. To push what’s possible in design, creators are encouraged to indulge their imaginations, to find inspiration in surprising places. Our oft-repeated mantra – be a sponge – reminds designers to live in the world, take in art, experience nature and remember to that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Form and function are constantly rethought, with new problem-solving technologies making room for opportunities to rethink aesthetic. A self-tying shoe brings a new kind of light to the sole, while woven thread allows sneaker engineers to play with color and texture like never before.





From future-proofing products to upping manufacturing standards across the industry, sustainable innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our ambitious goals require us to think in new ways, driving us to dream bigger and get better.

Regenerative, reclaimed and low-impact materials fuel our work in product creation. Future-friendly Flyknit produces significantly less waste than traditional cut-and-sew methods, and new dye techniques will eliminate the need for water in production. Already, almost three quarters of Nike footwear and apparel products use recycled Nike Grind materials.

Designed to affect change on a large scale, sustainable innovation at Nike works to better our world and further our collective potential. Explore Nike Innovation and Design jobs and help create the future.